Derek Barnes – Director of the short film WALKING SUPPLY

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Derek Barnes ran around the world with a camera when he was 19 and created a mini-doc, which set the path for many things to come. After hunting down work in the Toronto film industry, he was encouraged to follow his filmmaking aspirations and began pursuing the creation of an adventure journalism TV show that would chronicle tales of incredible people he encountered overseas.

Years of meetings with networks and producers later, Derek decided it was time to take matters into his own hands. He started taking courses and training to become a rock climbing guide (most logical source of income for adventure), and set aside money from every paycheque for camera gear to create his own work.

And so began Mountain Man Media. Originally intended to be an outdoor adventure video company, Derek honed his camera operating skills on corporate videos which inspired a change. He began working on narrative films, music videos and documentaries, where he became comfortable with the Steadicam Pilot, the drone, and now directs as often as possible. With lights and cameras all around, he decided to study photography and began shooting headshots for friends, which ignited Mountain Man Media’s focus on photo/video work for performers.

Meanwhile, Derek’s rock climbing experience helped him enter the world of stunt rigging. After a hell of a lot of training, he is now landing work as a stunt performer on television shows and major motion pictures (Suicide Squad, Robocop, The Expanse, and The Strain to name a few). Derek is a professionally trained actor as well and recently had principle roles on the hit TV Shows ‘Rookie Blue’ and ‘Letterkenny’.

Between filming, rigging and performing, Derek spends most of his spare time training for stunt work and expanding Mountain Man Media’s filmmaking potential.

Film playing at the May 2017 CANADIAN FEEDBACK Film Festival

festival posterWALKING SUPPLY, 25min, Canada, Crime/Thriller