Audience Feedback: THE TRAP, 16min, Canada, Crime/Thriller

AUDIENCE FEEDBACK VIDEO of the short film:

  MOVIE POSTERTHE TRAP, 16min, Canada, Crime/Thriller
Directed by Adam Estey

When a young woman has had enough of her abusive, low-life criminal husband, she devises a vengeful escape plan to save her life and ruin his.

Producer Statement:

The Trap was derived from an idea that I had about a woman who was literally trapped inside an abusive relationship.

She had been stuck in this terrible place for far too long and needed a way out. So she devised a plan to get out for good and, in turn, teach her husband a lesson.

Although this has actually never happened to me, I know what it feels like to be trapped in a situation that doesn�t feel right.

I wanted to create a piece that empowered women (although I am not promoting stealing or killing). And I wanted it to be a piece where the woman was the badass and surprised the audience with her strong will to live and get out.

I am a huge fan of classic films and have been an avid viewer my whole life. I really enjoyed the film noir movement in the 1940s and the badass women that surfaced. I wanted to create a throwback to that era with The Trap.

I created the storyline and the beats I wanted to hit and then I enlisted my friend, Adam Estey (who is a fabulous screenwriter), to take on the screenplay and direct the film. He would write a draft and I would edit until we finally arrived at the perfect screenplay.

Together we had a lot of fun during the process and we hope that you love the film we made. It took a village. � Jovanna Huguet-Burke

Film Type:Short


Runtime:16 minutes

Completion Date:February 2, 2015

Production Budget:15,000 CNY

Country of Origin:Canada

Country of Filming:Canada

Film Language:English

Shooting Format:RED

Aspect Ratio:16:9

Film Color:Color

Author: canadianfeedbackfestival

Festival designed for CANADIAN filmmakers and writers (screenplays, novels, short stories, poetry). Film festival occurs 4 times a year in Montreal and Canada.

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