Audience Feedback: IRONIED, 11min, Canada, Drama/Comedy

AUDIENCE FEEDBACK VIDEO of the short film:

  MOVIE POSTERIRONIED, 11min, Canada, Drama/Comedy
Directed by Tyler Lionel Parr

A normal everyday guy (Donald) wakes up late for work and goes through an unfortunate series of events. After finally arriving to work he quickly realizes – what he has gone through is unlike anything his first client (a homeless man named Charlie) has gone through within the last 24hrs. Here we see the existentialism slowly emerge as Charlie lays his life on the table. How will Charlies fate be left; in the hands of a disgruntled social worker or his own?

Key Cast:


Film Type: Short

Runtime: 11 minutes 42 seconds

Completion Date: December 2, 2014

Country of Origin: Canada

Country of Filming: Canada

Film Language: English

Shooting Format: Black Magic/HD

Aspect Ratio: 2:35 scope

Film Color:Color

Author: canadianfeedbackfestival

Festival designed for CANADIAN filmmakers and writers (screenplays, novels, short stories, poetry). Film festival occurs 4 times a year in Montreal and Canada.

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