Audience Feedback: FOOTPRINTS, 13min, Canada, Horror/Family

AUDIENCE FEEDBACK VIDEO of the short film:

  MOVIE POSTERFOOTPRINTS, 13min, Canada, Horror/Family
Directed by Kevin Saycharuen

Deep in the forest, Cahng, an injured hunter searches for his family who are being haunted by a supernatural force.

Director’s Statement:

Footprints is a film created in equal parts of my love and frustration of filmmaking.

Growing up as a first-generation son of Laotian immigrants in Canada, you live a two-sided life. One side remembers what blood runs through your vein- for me, it was my parents growing up in a small rural village in Laos and how they suffered through civil unrest and immigrated all over the world until settling in Canada. The other side is being brought up as a son of immigrants in a metropolitan North American city. Tradition clashes with first world culture that do not comfortably fit together.

Footprints is a film where I attempt to reconcile my parent’s tradition and my own generation’s culture together. A film that combines my upbringing with the blood that runs through my veins, remembering and honoring both sides.

Film Type:Short

Genres:Korean, Horror, Psychological Thriller, suspense, Thriller

Runtime:13 minutes 57 seconds

Completion Date:April 1, 2015

Country of Origin:Canada

Country of Filming:Canada

Film Language:Korean

Shooting Format:RED

Aspect Ratio:16:9

Film Color:Color

Author: canadianfeedbackfestival

Festival designed for CANADIAN filmmakers and writers (screenplays, novels, short stories, poetry). Film festival occurs 4 times a year in Montreal and Canada.

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